6 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in India – An updated List for 2023!

Importance of activity boxes - best subscription boxes for kids

Are you looking for the best subscription boxes for kids? Well, your quest ends here with this article. I used to be on the other side of the screen surfing about the best subscription boxes for kids. With no proper information, I had to try out almost every single one of those subscription boxes to get the best one for my kid. So we would like to save you time and effort by sharing what we have found on our quest!

While many of you are looking for the best subscription boxes for kids, a few might be wondering what a subscription box would be. As I said, every parent’s quest to be a good parent ends here at thekeenkid. So let us know what a subscription box is and the best subscription boxes for kids in this article!

What is a subscription box?

Importance of activity boxes - best subscription boxes for kids
Best subscription boxes for kids

As a parent, I didn’t want to spoil my kids with mindless TV shows and addictive mobile games. I wanted to actively engage as well as educate them simultaneously. It was then I heard about these subscription boxes. These best subscription boxes for kids are nothing but activity boxes that contain simple, exciting and educational activities. You could also create simple games for your kids using these models by UNICEF!

There are activity boxes in various brands, each having a unique purpose. Most of these monthly activity boxes are theme based and consist of 4-5 redo-able activities and a few story books. The best subscription boxes for kids are those which focus on every aspect of a kid’s development. These activity boxes are made precisely to match the developmental needs of a growing toddler, thus serving their purpose!

Educators are re-thinking how to teach young children
to tap their enormous learning potential. Play is
one of the most important ways in which young
children gain essential knowledge and skills

Learning through Play (UNICEF)

Is a Subscription box necessary?

Absolutely! You could get your toddler any number of toys such as soft toys, remote-controlled toys, building blocks, coloring books etc. But none of them would be as wholesome as these activity boxes. These activity boxes are designed and curated by a team of efficient teachers, artists, engineers and child psychologists. They aim to improve the kid’s fun, imagination, cognitive abilities and psychological development, making these activity boxes an ideal toy for toddlers and kids!

Developmental needs in kids
Why is it necessary?
  • Reduces screen time!
  • Improves cognitive, personal, social and communicative skills in children.
  • Fun-filled and engaging
  • Keeps kids safe from gadget addiction
  • Early foundation to schooling through meaningful and educational play activities.

Still not so sure about the benefits of activity boxes? Know more about the importance of activity boxes and how it makes your kids’ learning fun and engaging!

Types of Activity boxes

Educational Activity BoxesRecreational Activity Boxes
Einstein boxFlintobox
IntellikitGenius box
Fubu box
Butterfly Edufields
Types of activity boxes

The best part about an activity/subscription box is that you could get them based on your kids’ needs! If you could see through your kid’s learning and need some help with their recreation, there are activity boxes that focus mainly on art and crafts. Whereas, if your focus is to educate your kids through activity boxes, there are such subscription boxes to help you with that! Here are they,

Best subscription boxes for kids

As the necessity for subscription boxes increases, the availability of such boxes has increased too. Today there are so many ineffective activity boxes available that are nothing but a waste of your time and money. So here, at thekeenkid, we have tried several activity boxes with our kids and provide you with a list of the best subscription boxes for kids!

Different types of kids need different activity boxes! Best subscription boxes for kids
Activity-based learning

1. Flintobox:

Flintobox is one of the best subscription boxes for kids that focuses on the kid’s creativity and imagination. Available in different themes such as environment, ecosystem, professions and many others, these activity boxes from Flintobox engage kids with their interesting DIY, coloring and craft activities. Not only do these activities are recreational, but they are also informative and help the kids know better about things!

  • 3-4 engaging activities per month
  • DIY materials and guide to the activities
  • Impressive storybooks with colorful illustrations

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here Flintobox

Even after getting to know about these subscription boxes, you could still be confused to choose among them. We would love to help you make your choice by easing up your job. Here is our comparison of activity boxes with their pros and cons and every other detail! Which is better? Flintobox vs Xplorabox vs Intellikit

2. Fubu box

Here are the reasons why Fubu box is one of the best subscription boxes for kids! Fubu box is another activity box/book box for kids that provides you with interesting content. Upon subscription, you get age-appropriate books for your kids which would keep them engaged and off the screen. The book boxes are categorized into age groups of 0-2 years old, 2-4 years old and 4-7 years old. With these books boxes, your kids naturally grow an interest in reading and it would be easy for them in the future!

  • Flexible subscription plans such as 3-month, 6 month and annual plans
  • Fububox offers activity boxes and book boxes as well
  • wide range of activity boxes to choose from
  • 2-3 books per month, more books than any other subscription boxes

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here Fubu box

3. Genius box:

Children need unstructured play and experiential learning, in their formative years to develop their full potential. The mission of Genius box is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and build a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood. This subscription box is full of creative activities that kindle the imagination and curiosity of kids. All these activities have a proper manual guide for your kids to do on their own, making it one of the best subscription boxes for kids!

  • Innovative art and crafts to engage children
  • Interesting projects and experiments for growing kids to explore things
  • Quality materials and tools are included in the kit

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here Genius box

Kids' activities - best subscription boxes
Activities for kids – best subscription boxes for kids

4. Butterfly Edufields:

Being on this list of the best subscription boxes for kids, Butterfly Edufield‘s motto is ‘Bridging the learning divide’. Rightfully so, their activity boxes are specially made for kids of every age, according to the class they go to in school. Each box has carefully chosen educational ideas and concepts made into a workable toy or experiment. This kindles curiosity in kids to learn and understand the concept better. Butterfly edufields thus bridge the learning barriers among kids of different age groups!

  • Age-specific, age-appropriate educational toys and playthings.
  • Application-focused learning rather than blindly memorizing
  • New, interesting playthings and worksheets
  • You could shop based on your kid’s age and the toy categories

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here Butterfly Edufields

5. Einstein box:

Can learning be fun? Can science be fun? Of course! Einstein box ensures it! This is another subscription box with some interesting activities to learn science and have fun. One activity explains a concept better than ten lessons and it is true in the case of Einstein Box. Made to suit different age groups, the Einstein box offers activity boxes for preschoolers to young adults! Choose the appropriate box for your kid and let them unleash the scientist in them!

  • A single activity box has materials for around 40 activities
  • Science concepts explained through simple activities
  • Recreational as well as educational

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here on Einstein box

6. Intellikit:

The last on our list of the best subscription boxes for kids is the Intellikit activity box by Firstcry. Being an educational activity box, Intellikit offers more activity worksheets and several activities than many other activity boxes. Also, the play cards and worksheets are made of bright contrasts to grab the attention and engage the kids for a longer duration. More uniquely, this activity box contains monthly planners to track the progress of your kids’ learning!

  • More activities and 5+ worksheets per month
  • Colorful activity sheets to attract and involve kids

To subscribe for a monthly package or avail of a demo pack, tap here on Intellikit


Here is another article that compares Flintobox vs Magic crate vs Einstein box. Best subscription boxes for kids are not only beneficial for kids, but they also help you to be free by providing you with some personal space while the kids play! Also, kids who play with activity boxes could have an edge over other kids in preschools and schools as learning is no hardship to them anymore! Choose the right activity box for your kids to make them happy and bright while having so much fun!

Do share your kids’ experience with these activity boxes in the comments and stay informed about parenting and kids’ toys and much more at TheKeenKid!

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