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Importance of activity boxes - best subscription boxes for kids

The importance of activity boxes can only be appreciated when our children get into a school. Why do you need an activity box? We’ll get back there soon. Let us go back in time now. As kids, during vacations and holidays, we used to roam around all day, played different games and had little time to be stuck at our homes. Television channels of our age didn’t have these many programs. Presently, the growth in technology is both awe-inspiring and scary!

With online classes, addictive gadgets and video games, kids know very little about the importance and the value of group activities and games. Activity boxes are one among the few exciting things that kindles curiosity and innovative ideas in kids through various activities. Here, we are to discuss about activity boxes and their importance for our kids to have a happy childhood! Before choosing the right activity box for your kid, go through this article to get an idea about what it is.

What is an activity box?

An activity box is unlike any other usual old school toys that we used to play with. Regular toys can only entertain children for a very short time. There are no surprises in it. A little lever here, a key there, lights and sounds that’s all. Once the kid finds out its functions, it’ll be boring for them to play with.

Importance of Activity boxes
Boring toys make kids bored – importance of activity boxes

   But in this case, the importance of activity box is lesser known. Not only do they entertain them but also educate them in every possible way! A regular activity box of any brand consists of 3-4 redoable activities, materials to make them, a little story book for kids. Also, on subscription, these activity boxes are delivered once a month with a new different theme every month!

Importance of activity boxes
Importance of activity boxes – enhance creativity!

Besides activity boxes, there is another way to engage your kids ‘actively’! Open-ended plays are one such way. Learn everything about Open-ended plays and ideas to play them!

Types of activities

Why do you need an activity box for your kid? What is the importance of an activity ? Unlike us, our kids’ world has shrunk. Most of the time, in their tiny little world they get to see only their school and house. They don’t get to see much of the outside world nor could explore many other things. That is exactly when these activity boxes come to your rescue!

Importance of Activity boxes - ocean theme
ocean themed activity – shapes, numericals

Activity boxes come in different themes such as ecosystem, professions, relationships and environment. Even more specifically they come with a different sub theme every month. For instance, under the theme ecosystem, your kid receives forest ecosystem for a month, desert ecosystem on the other. Its importance can be comprehended when these activity boxes help your children to visualise complicated ideas such as space, volcanoes, oceans through simple models and illustrations! 

There are so many brands of activity boxes, each with different unique features. To compare different activity boxes such as Flintobox vs Xplorabox vs Intellikit check out this article!

Solution to common childhood issues

Even though childhood seems to be simple, it consists of complex layers and details within. Any small experience either good or bad in early childhood can root into a greater deal when they become an adult. Here the importance of activity boxes come to play! These activity boxes with their interesting and intriguing activities kindle curiosity among kids to learn and play. 

Importance of activity boxes in kids with learning disabilities
Learning disabilities in kids

Children may have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and associated conditions as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which is often misunderstood as laziness and boredom. These learning disabilities may contribute to low self-esteem, troubled relationships and difficulty at school or work when your kids grow up.

Addressing learning disabilities with activities
Addressing learning disabilities with activities

These are common childhood conditions that can be overcome with some basic things as simple as an activity box. Activity boxes are generally made with great care with a group of child psychologists, Montessori experts and tested among different groups of children for it to be effective and inclusive! As it is made of vibrant colors and different shapes, it engages children and educates them with ease! Thus activity boxes address the issues of learning disabilities in children and solves it right from a very young age!

Importance of Activity boxes

Activities that include identifying, arranging, sorting geometric shapes develop self-esteem in kids.


The importance of activity boxes is astonishing as they are quite interesting unlike other normal toys.

Learning through activities
Learning through activity boxes!
  • The basic idea of activity boxes is to minimize the screen time of children and to actively engage them in productive activities!
  • Activity boxes are proven to improve creativity, concentration & problem solving skills among children from a very young age.
  • Another importance is the introduction to basic vocabulary like colors, numbers, shapes. Through stories and pictures your kids would actively learn numbers, colors, shapes and letters.
  • School learning is now much easier with these activity boxes as they learn part of the basics with these.
  • Also, activity boxes keep you relaxed as it allows you to have some self care time! With a minimal parent involvement of just 5 mins, children can actively engage in an activity for over 40 mins! 
  • The instruction manual is so simple that the kids can understand them on their own. These activity boxes transform boring concepts into interesting activities and helps them to understand better.
Importance of activity boxes
Activity boxes help children to learn faster!

Want to more about the activity boxes and the differences among them? We are here to guide you through! Jere is an elaborate comparison between the activity boxes Flintobox vs Magic crate vs Einstein box.


It’s a myth that a child’s education begins at school. In reality, children begin to learn from a very young age.There are always two ways to your kid’s education, a boring conventional way and the adventurous activity box way! This recent revolution in children’s education is a great way to kick start your kid’s learning experience. In recent times, many brands have come up with different theme based activity boxes of their own. But why do you need an activity box?

Activities in an activity box
Learning through activities

The importance of activity boxes is that they have games and activities that are educational in nature and more importantly it ensures fun to your children. Hence we highly suggest you to get a subscription activity box to your kids. However, try out a trial box before opting out for a regular monthly subscription. Toys make kids happy, the right activity box would make them happier. Don’t delay the fun your kids’ deserve!

Importance of Activity boxes – Learning Made Fun!
Importance of Activity boxes – Learning Made Fun!

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